Baker University prides itself on its dedication to global education and awareness. Dr. Lynne Murray, president of Baker University, recognizes that the future is global, and Baker strives to provide its students with the best education and opportunities available. Baker’s goal is that 100% of their students on each of their campuses will have access to international elements in their courses.

Dr. Murray’s career started in television before she realized that she had a greater purpose in life. After working at Johns Hopkins, where she raised money for the pediatric intensive care unit in the medical center, she became the president of Baker University and has held the position since then. Dr. Murray always had a passion for education, and had the goal of becoming a VP, until her advisor asked, “Why not president?” This was the first time she dared to dream it and how she ended up at Baker University with her position as President.

Baker University is the No. 1 private university in Kansas and has been for many years. Baker University promotes study abroad opportunities for their students and encourages global studies in their academia. They offer semester-long study abroad opportunities and inter-terms for both students and faculty. One of their most popular study abroad programs is at Harlaxton College in England where students can study European history and have the ability to travel throughout Europe and immerse themselves in the different cultures. Students can also go on inter-term programs to Amsterdam and Egypt and have a personalized academic experience as well. Baker University also offers mission trips to developing countries through their ministry where students can travel all over the world. Baker dedicates itself to giving their students the best international experience they can have in college.

Next year, Baker will offer a new entrepreneurship program, led by IRC board member Narbeli Galindo, a global entrepreneurship expert who has served as the William Everett and Mary Ellen Mealman Endowed Chair of Business Leadership and Innovation at Baker since August 1, 2020. Galindo’s international connections, as past the previous KCMO Director of International Trade and Affairs under the EDC, will have a direct impact on Baker students pursuing real-world opportunities, engaging with the Greater Kansas City business community to promote the interests of students.

Galindo plans to provide students with a global entrepreneurship education that can further their careers after college. Not only are local and international students excited to participate in this global education, but the local and global communities are encouraged to learn from Narbeli.  She is thrilled to teach international trade and business, by sharing her extensive business and entrepreneurship  experiences as she was both a corporate executive for large corporations, but also a business owner.

As Dr. Murray said, the future is global, and Baker University, with the help of Dr. Murray and Narbeli Galindo, is devoting itself to offering the best resources to give its students the best global education they can. The IRC is proud to count Baker among our university members.