Pritha Hariharan was born in India and has now lived in the United States for 23 years, where she now calls Kansas City home. Pritha joined the IRC in September 2017 and has attended several events as a member and has presented as a discussion leader for a Lexicon: Bite-size Language Intros event, in which she taught Hindi.

She has worked for Unbound for five years, where she has the pleasure of serving as the international program director for Asia and Africa, and previously the regional director for Asia. Pritha’s favorite part about her job is the opportunity to get to work with different cultures, getting to travel, and being able to make an impact in the world. She says it is rewarding to know that her work is helping others in the world; even if it is a ‘small role in the reduction of poverty, it is important to be a part of the change’.

Unbound works with 19 countries and focuses their work on children and elderly living in extreme poverty. Pritha and her team are able to help members of a community by providing sponsorships and grants to areas that could use the money to better their environments. In providing grants to these communities, they are given new opportunities and a chance at bettering  living conditions to create a healthier and more supportive atmosphere. 

Before the pandemic, Pritha and her colleagues at Unbound had the ability to travel and visit staff and families overseas. With travel restrictions and safety in mind, they have been focusing on new ways to maintain contact with those they are helping and look forward to developing other ways of staying in touch. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about Pritha and Unbound’s work, check out their website at and learn about potential sponsorships under the “Sponsor” tab. 

At the IRC, we are glad to have Pritha as a member as she shares her unique experiences and perspectives with the community.