The International Relations Council, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, relies on the generosity of members and friends who sustain our efforts to foster a global perspective in the Kansas City community. We gratefully recognize the following individuals whose contributions to the IRC in the last twelve months have totaled at least $150. For more information about supporting the IRC, please contact Matthew Hughes, executive director. Thank you for your help in making this important work possible!

Emissary ($1,000+)


Jeffrey Bell

Bert Berkley

Andrew Berkley

Col. (Ret.) William G. & Margaret Eckhardt

Gregory & Susanne Hoffmann

Janet Kannard

Bill & Lyn Lakin

Nancy Messer

Joe & Judy Moody

Holly Nielsen

Ardyce H. Pearson

John Phillips

Lawrence Rouse

Dave Saunders

Paul Savastano

Cyprienne Simchowitz & Jerry White

Sosland Foundation

Dr. Joy Stevenson

Sidne Ward

Karenbeth Zacharias

Benefactor ($500 to $999)

Mithra Amaran

Christina Arnone

Daniel Assyia

Kimberly Connelly & Corrie Holland

Laura and Kirk Doan

Alfred Figuly

Nicole Gresham Perry

Bill & Irma Lou Hirsch

Christine Hughes

Bill Kort

Benny Lee

Jon McGraw

Nancy Minahan

Shahid Qadri

Gino Serra

Samantha Vidal

Mike & Maggie Wood

Statesman ($300 to $499)

Kathie Allison

Andrea Allison-Putman

David Au

Alan Barkema

Bill & Maureen Berkley

Sally Firestone

Michael Hernandez

Kevin Holland

Michael Makara

Aaron J. Mann

Kelli Meilink

Barbara Nelson

Bill & Marilyn Taylor

Chris Steineger & Shari Wilson

Patron ($150 to $299)


Richard Bouhan

Tom & Beth Hall

Amb. Allan Katz

Brad Kleindl

Cynthia Lamas

Ross & Elizabeth Lillard

Shelly Ma

Jerry and Carol McCavitt

Dr. Gary Morsch

Drs. Manuel & Lillian Pardo

Richard Randolph

Christine Stannard

Steven Swartzman

Linda S. Trout

Amarilis Valdez-Dempsey

Tom & Jane Waggoner

Paul Weida

Michael Wizniak

Larry Yates

This list accounts for contributions made within the twelve months preceding February 1, 2021. We work diligently to ensure that this list is accurate and appreciate your bringing any unintentional errors or omissions to our attention for prompt correction.