This section of the guide provides a list of just some of the internationally connected majors you may want to consider, along with a brief description of what each field of study may entail. Career resources tailored to specific majors are provided to help students discover possible career paths based on areas of academic interest. While all majors have the potential to lead to international careers, some majors lead to global opportunities more directly, and the majors listed in this section represent a diverse sample of common academic fields relating to international issues. It is important to keep in mind that although all majors open up unique career opportunities, each major can also be applied across multiple fields and industries, and because of this, it is important not to limit international opportunities by strictly following a set career path for a chosen major.

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Area Studies
Computer Science
Education – International Education
Environmental Science
Foreign Languages
Global Public Health
Graphic Design
International Business
International Relations – International Studies
Pre-Medicine Track
Peace & Conflict Studies
Political Science – International Politics
Social Work
Social Work
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies